Sprout (film)

Released 2003


  • Sprout (film)

Liner Notes

Sprout was shot in 16mm film, on location, throughout Ceylon, Morocco, Mexico, Costa Rica, the East Indies, Hawaii, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and California.

“The purpose of Sprout is to show how ridiculously lucky we are to be humans engaging in the ocean experience and the multitude of possibilities we have available to us. To limit ourselves in this pursuit is the kiss of death and the handshake of bitterness. To open up and enjoy all the aspects and approaches is a movement in the growth cycle — thus Sprout. This movie came about under a slow germination process that took just over four years to complete. The process was very much a group effort. So many people came together to make Sprout be what it is, and I would like to send out a very major acknowledgment of gratitude to all the musicians, surfers, artists, filmers, photographers, editors, organizers and friends that put so much love and energy into the project.

Thanks so much.”

-Thomas Campbell