In Between Dreams

Brushfire Records

In Between Dreams

Liner Notes

Jack Johnson: vocals / guitars
Adam Topol: drums / percussion
Merlo Podlewski: bass
Zach Gill: piano on ‘Good People’ and ‘Sitting, Waiting, Wishing’ / accordion on ‘Belle’

All songs recorded @ The Mango Tree, Hawaii, October 2004
Produced by Mario Caldato, Jr.
Mixed and Engineered by Mario Caldato, Jr and Robert Carranza
Mastered by Bernie Grundman

Cover Photo By Thomas Campbell
Additional Photos by T. Campbell and Dave Homcy
Art Direction and Design by Dave Lively and Jeff Motch

Thanks to the Brushfire Crew - Kim, Emmett and Janella whose hard work and creative input made this record come together.

A Big Mahalo to my family,
The Malloy Podlweski and Topol families, Michael, Josh, Cad, Dr. Tischler, Nichols, derek, Boogie, Tobin, Jeff, Jacob, Max, Crystal, Tom, Julie, Shelby, Hilary and Francois, Monte, Avery, Kim, Josh and everyone at Universal Records, The Moonshine Conspiracy, Brushfire Records, ALO, Garrett, JB, Donavon, The Soens Brothers, and to everyone else who has supported us along the way.