Spotlight on Sustainability at FestForums

December 12, 2016

FestForums Sustainability Panelists (from left): Sunny Sohrabian - AEG, Jack Johnson, Kim Johnson, Michael Martin - EFFECT Partners, Eric Shiflett - Santa Barbara Bowl, Brian Yost - Live Nation, Tanner Watt - REVERB.

Jack and his wife Kim joined music industry leaders last month to discuss greening & engagement at a FestForums panel in Santa Barbara. The Johnsons were joined by key members of the Sustainable Concerts Working Group, striving to take music greening to the next level, including EFFECT Partners and REVERB, as well as representatives from Live Nation, AEG, and the Santa Barbara Bowl. The conversation focused on the “Strive for Five” - the top 5 things the music industry can do to reduce its environmental footprint, with a focus on waste reduction, alternative transportation, sourcing sustainable food, reducing emissions and tracking progress & engaging your audience. Learn more by exploring this list of greening resources.

Following the panel, Jack and Kim received the Best of the Fests Sustainability Leadership Award and were honored for their vision and commitment to continually improve green touring practices, and for their charitable efforts to support environmental programs around the world.