Jack and Santa Barbara Bowl Announce Plastic Free Shows

April 05, 2017


Jack is excited to collaborate with one of his favorite venues, the  Santa Barbara Bowl, to take venue greening to the next level by hosting plastic free shows this July! In an effort to eliminate single-use plastic, every concertgoer will receive a free reusable pint to use for beverage purchases or at water refill stations, and will receive a discount on all refills at the Bowl for the life of the cup! The Bowl launched its Reusable Pint Program in 2014 in coordination with Jack’s From Here To Now To You tour. This summer the campaign is expanding in an effort to eliminate single-use plastic waste completely at Jack’s shows, in favor of promoting reusable options. 

Inspired by their collaboration with the Santa Barbara Bowl, Jack and his crew, with help from  REVERB, are working with venues throughout the summer tour to launch and promote reusable pint programs to offer fans an alternative to disposable plastic cups. Plastic Free Resources will be provided to venues with tips to reduce single-use plastic cups, bottles and straws. Fans can choose to reduce their use of plastic straws by taking the One Less Straw pledge, or to #StopSucking with the Strawless Ocean campaign. The tour is also partnering with Klean KanteenSteelys and To-Go Ware to create custom branded reusable bottles, cups, straws and utensils, as well as Bureo and Planet Love Life to bring you one of a kind Jack Johnson Tour Merchandise made from recycled fishing nets.